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Auto Glass FAQ

We answer your questions about auto glass

Curbside Auto Glass wants you to make informed decisions. If you have auto glass damage, choose an auto glass company that will protect your best interests from start to finish. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers to many common questions.

Insurance FAQ

Q: How do I find out if my insurance will cover my glass?

A: Contact us with your policy information and we will handle the call to your insurance companies claims administrator. While on the line they will confirm your coverage and any deductible that may apply. They will be able to dispatch the work directly to our shopping for electronic billing.

If you don't have comprehensive coverage - and only carry liability you will not have glass coverage

Q: If I don't have glass coverage, how do I get a quote?

A: You can start a quote online, or feel free to contact us online or just call us directly at the numbers listed at the top of the site. We will help ensure you get the best price and service every time.

Q: Will filing a glass claim affect my insurance rates?

A: Arizona law states that a windshield replacement is a no fault claim and will not raise your rates. However, some insurance companies monitor the frequency of claims when renewing your policy. Please check with your insurance provider for the specifics of your policy.

Q: What if my insurance company wants me to use another company?

A: Most people don't realize that when you are calling in your glass claim you are not speaking with a representative from your insurance company, but a 3rd party administrator. These 3rd parties often have an affiliation to their own glass companies or glass manufacturers - they have a financial incentive to coerce you to use their companies.

By law - you can choose whatever company you wish to repair or replace your auto glass. Don't let your insurance company get the incentives for your business - use Curbside and get our benefits!

Installation FAQ

Q: Why is it important to use OEM parts when possible?

auto glass repair diagram

A: A windshield is two sheets of laminated glass with a vinyl sheet placed in between. The vinyl sheet is the strength of the windshield. It also adds solar protection to the vehicle. If your windshield was hit by a rock - the top layer of the glass is the only piece damaged. It takes a lot of force to break through the vinyl layer in between the glass - your windshield won't cave in from a rock chip.

All glass must meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards - the glass and vinyl thickness are regulated- what differs is the brand name that is on the glass and the template that is used for manufacturing.

Other companies manufacturer their own brands of glass, but they are not to the original specifications. They take measurements from an OEM windshield and reverse engineer it. It may be called OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) glass. This enables them to cut the costs associated with replacing your windshield. Just remember - your safety is paramount to us and we will use the best quality glass that is available for your vehicle.

Q: What about "Dealer Glass?"

A: We are able to obtain dealer glass when requested, but be aware that most insurance companies do not pay for dealer replacements - we will give you a quote between the difference of what your insurance will pay and the dealer parts costs.

Q: What if I have stickers on my windshield?

A: Some stickers are made to break apart upon removal. If that is the case, we will keep the pieces so that you are able to get a replacement.

Q: How does your scheduling work?

A: Our scheduling is based on availability - Email, or call us at the numbers listed at the top of the website to schedule a repair or replacement. We cannot safely work in rain, snow or in temperatures below 40F.

Other FAQ

Q: Will you sell or use my information for tele-marketing?

A: We will not continue to solicit your business in the future - we know that you will be calling us the next time you have an auto glass need - because of our superior service. We will never sell your information.

Get your auto glass repair off your list! We make it easy, so contact us today for your windshield replacement or chip repair!